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It’s a fierce conflict waged in your mouth every night. The battle features 2 well-matched titans of the human body. On one side, you have the jaw muscles that clench your jaws together.

Experiencing these

Headaches, Soreness

When someone is experiencing symptoms from their malocclusion or TMJ, they feel as though no one understands their predicament. They feel isolated and cut-off from everyone. They are desperate for relief.


Splint, Oral Devices and Occlusion Therapy

An accomplished malocclusion-trained dentist can determine exactly what is going on and how to go about fixing the damage and, you’ll be glad to hear, the resolution almost never requires surgery.

Welcome to Gaudio Cosmetic Dentistry

What makes Joseph J. Gaudio, DDS different than other dentists in the Chester, NJ area?

Simply this. Dr. Gaudio is committed to bringing health to your entire mouth.
He doesn’t just fix teeth.

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Functional Dentistry

The TMJ Joint


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Joseph Gaudio, DDS

Dr. Gaudio has been creating exquisite dentistry for over 30 years. Originally from Long Island, he completed his undergraduate studies at Long Island University. He graduated from Columbia University School of Dentistry and Oral Surgery in 1984.His education included a one year area of concentration in prosthetic dentistry (restorative crowns, bridges and implants). Dr. Gaudio received the prestigious Rowe Weinberg Award for Excellence in Prosthetics/Prosthodontics. A one year General Practice Residency program was completed in 1985 at Englewood Hospital Association.


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