Why You?

Why Are You So Lucky To Have Malocclusion?

Over the course of your day you meet many kinds of people that mention many different kinds of conditions. Pain in the shoulder, sprained ankle, headache, strained knee, aching arm . . . but chances are, you most likely don’t come across anyone who mentions “yeah, I’ve got a really bad bite!”

The fact of the matter is, facial soreness, improper mouth function and deformation of your face can all be caused by a bad bite. A bad bite is a leading cause of TMJ, as well. Your lower and upper teeth don’t mesh and close together in the right way – as they are meant to. Clear signs include an under-bite or an over-bite, but, someone with a beautiful smile may still suffer from pain if their joints and muscles aren’t relaxed and comfortable.

“Why do I have a ‘bad bite?’”

Your unaligned jaw and ill fitting teeth might be the result of one issue or a combination of issues.

  1. Poorly done dental work
  2. The trauma of birth
  3. The combination of DNA you received from your parents
  4. Thumb sucking or other oral habits
  5. Old dentistry that has broken down or worn out
  6. Teeth shifting after tooth loss
  7. Some types of orthodontic treatment
  8. Head or facial trauma in sports or car accidents

The truth is, there may be many reasons why you have this condition. The point is that we can do something about it so you don’t have to suffer any longer.

The Bumps And Bruises Of Birth

Did you know something as simple as being born can cause malocclusion or TMJ?”

Here’s how.

Entering this world – physically arriving on this planet – is a perilous and shocking event for most babies. The birth can be really tough if there are complications throughout the delivery. Sometimes, the physical effects of birth can last throughout an individual’s life.

A newborn baby’s skull is soft and pliable and has spaces between the plates of bone. As the child continues to grow, the bones of the skull also keep growing. During a head-first delivery, there is significant pressure on the baby’s head caused by passing through the birth canal. This significant pressure on the newborn can push and squeeze a newborn’s skull significantly.

It’s often a little uncomfortable when older brothers and sisters encounter the new member of the family in the hospital. Pointed questions such as, “Why is his head so weird looking?” are par for the course.

What does Malocclusion and TMJ have to do with this?

The squeezing and pushing on the newborn’s head throughout labor and delivery can determine the development and interplay of the bones in the head and all of the muscles, bones and ligaments which are connected. In the event that the birth caused too much deformation, you might wind up with malocclusion and TMJ.

Blame it on your genetics…

You were born with big, dazzling green eyes that clearly came from your father’s family. Courtesy of your mother, you have thick, rich brown hair that lands comments from complete strangers. Your crooked teeth and misaligned jaw – – who do you thank for that?

While likely no one is stepping up to take the credit, the fact is you inherited your teeth positioning, jaw structure, entire facial composition and looks from someone. X chromosome, Y chromosome or a combination of both – reality is, you were born with it and it could be the root of your malocclusion and TMJ.

Collision Victims… Beware!

An injury or physical trauma can add stress and strain to your body, adding additional tension on your neck, shoulders, face, head and back muscles. An injury or acute trauma to your jaw can be created by a blow to the face, a car accident, a serious fall or other powerful physical jolt to this area. Any of these may lead to problems developing in your jaw muscles or joints.

Everything is connected…

The impact of a serious blow is transferred through your whole body. This , in-turn, alters the way the joints and muscles associated in your head, neck, face, etc. function. The end result? TMJ related discomfort and irritation.


Well, because all the nerves, ligaments, muscles and joints in your body are very closely linked. For instance, if your back goes out, your neck is impacted. When the neck muscles are impacted or traumatized, it can disrupt the jaw muscles through the nerve signals that go to the brain. The nerves found in the neck and jaw muscles influence each other and change their function. That trauma or stress on the body eventually creates tension in the head and jaw muscles.

Is your smile incomplete?

A car accident, a severe blow to the face or any other physical trauma can easily result in chipped, broken or missing teeth. If your mouth is working without a complete set of properly working teeth, TMJ complications can develop.

When your teeth are missing, it ends in over-compensation by your jaw muscles, as well as a lopsided jaw. When your jaw position is changed, symptoms of TMJ can arise.

Posture strain becomes a bigger issue too, if you have lost one or several teeth. Your back and neck muscles are vastly impacted by a misaligned jaw and this takes a significant toll on your spine and its alignment.

“Could my high school orthodontics work be haunting me?”

A ‘bad bite’ is absolutely a dominant cause of TMJ. It affects your jaw alignment and your muscle tone, which can create TMJ.

A ‘bad bite’ can result in years of pain. This eventually will result in a face that is functionally inadequate, distorted and, ultimately, the depreciation of your overall appearanc

For some people, the main source of a misaligned bite is past orthodontic treatment that was not executed properly.

Back in time…

In the past, orthodontic work was done to make your smile look good. Your teeth were a mess and you were required to sit through extractions and impressions before, eventually, braces were applied. Let’s not even mention the wires. You believed it would be worth it because in the end, you would finally have a beautiful set of teeth.

The ultimate result was the immediate improvement in the look of your teeth, however, now we know that it could have done a lot of structural damage. Traditional orthodontics focused on appearance, but not function. Orthodontics forced the jaw back, producing a generation of people with compromised jaw structure, restricted breathing and constricted dental arches.

Even if your teeth are straight doesn’t mean you don’t have a misaligned bite. You could have a perfectly straight smile and still be suffering from malocclusion and TMJ – suffering from headaches, facial deformity, mouth-functioning issues, ringing in the ears, cracking and popping noises in the jaw, numbness in your fingers and arms and other additional symptoms.

An unbalanced bite from past orthodontic treatments can affect your whole body. The most important factor in your jaw muscles’ function is the way your teeth fit together. An unbalanced bite can create muscle imbalance, which causes discomfort, pain, tension and irritation in your whole body.

That’s not to say that everyone with past orthodontic work is going to have malocclusion or TMJ. But, it is to say that if you’ve had braces previously and you now are suffering from any TMJ-like symptoms, there could be a definite link.


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